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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Berry Extraordinaire Lampwork Beads

Happy Valentines Day.  I got you a beautiful bead photo.  This exquisite little bead is less than 1".  However, the detail is just incredible.
Liliana’s artistic technique emphasizes focused improvisation and a willingness to treat glass as a partner in her process. “Making glass beads is like choreography to me. I conceptualize a bead, and in its creation the glass, the colors, gravity, the flame—just like dancers—build on my vision with their own natural interpretations. I enjoy the surprise.” The glass colors she engages range from the bold and outspoken to the quiet and transcendental. She varies surfaces from smooth and glossy to textured, rich in relief and dynamism. These too encapsulate metaphors of experience, pointing to the shifting realities of day to day human existence.

Originally from Moldova in Eastern Europe, Liliana Cirstea Glenn has lived in Russia, Romania, Alaska, and Iowa. She resides in BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, where she creates contemporary glass art in her home studio.

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