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Monday, December 7, 2009


We have something REALLY exciting right here in Westfield, Mass.....brand new, just opened this week with a soft opening. A new art gallery just opened next to Pilgrim Candle right in the midst of the new bridge mess, called Shaker Gifts. Just go to the double door entrance where the black dog used to be.
(You can park on the north side of the building, and then when you leave go around the back and between the two buildings so the traffic light will help you get out easily should you need to head south.)
Despite what the name may lead you to believe, the art is quite bright and colorful and very etsy-like. There is a good range of repurposed and recycled goods. Everything is created by local artists. The owner of the gallery, Karen Novak, makes beautiful Nantucket baskets. Karen is a bright and fun person with a good heart and lots of know-how.
I have watched the transformation from drab space to colorful and gleaming gallery, and I have to say this: You HAVE to go. It's just so much fun! The gallery is not just a gallery either. There will be classes taught by local artists and other assorted functions. So if you are looking to learn how to sew, make a fishing rod or attend a stitch'n'bitch, you really must stop in. You can sign up to get onto the mailing list for classes while you're there. The space is much larger than this of course. I just snapped a couple of pics for you to whet your appetite.