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Sunday, October 25, 2009


You know how T-shirts sometimes claim one size fits all, and the claim is just plain silly? Well I think this time the claim could be made. I love this great recycled necklace EnviroMental made from a t-shirt. She has them in quite a few colors, and also makes jewelry from maps. She also has a second store on etsy where she sells her baby items called OliBear. She makes pacifier clips that do not contain chemicals. DD is from Nashua, NH, so pretty close to Mass. She likes to crochet, knit, paint and is learning to sew too. I love this necklace both for the form and because it's recyceled material. Great job, DD.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Announcing....our Bouncing Baby Website......YAY !!!!!

It arrived this week. I hadn't even realized I was expecting. It's just adorable, keeps me up till one am, requires round the clock changing. On the upside, in 16 years, it won't be backing my car into a phone pole. Check it out.

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Friday, October 2, 2009


This adorable pendant, available in many colorways, is a cairn pendant, a memorial or marker done from a series of stones seen along hiking trails. jeniferglagowski's etsy store has these wonderful pendants, paintings and note cards. All her items are "made with happiness".
I read her profile, and you can too by visiting her shop. She sounds like the kind of totally fun person that you and I would love to hang out with.
Jennifer is in Northbridge, Ma. She teaches snowboarding and skiing and loves to hike. When she has a minute to sit down, she creates some really fun jewelry. Great stuff, Jenifer.