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Monday, May 3, 2010


I love the graphic quality of the quilts in the bibliophile store! She uses blocks of colors that play off each other well, and juxtaposes them against white. So they have a very clean, modern look. Her table runner in shades of orange would go amazingly well with our orange slice clock....oops....a shameless plug! This artist works out of HOLYOKE, MA. She says she started quilting in middle school with a nine patch pillow in home ec, and ended up finishing it in the first weekend instead of it taking the quarter as the teacher had planned. I know....sounds like something I would do. She quilts and does photography as stress relief while she completes her masters.
She has a second etsy store also, ParalaxPhoto. Click on the quilt to go to her etsy store to see more beautiful quilts. Really nice stuff, keep it up !